Painted Samples

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PAINTED SAMPLES: When selecting your furniture and choosing your paint colour, it can be difficult to choose without physically seeing the product so we offer a painted sample for you.

LEAD TIME: Get me in upto 1 weeks

  • Furniture Colour Matching Paint Service

    Our paint colour matching service gives customers ultimate flexibility when choosing which paint or colour to use for their furniture. We colour match to ANY and EVERY paint brand whilst also offering a core range of colours shown below. Rest assured that our professional formulation is superior to many paints in use today and will provide longevity in the bathroom.

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    COLOUR GUIDANCE: The swatches below are meant only as a guide - Lighting can affect the appearance of paint colour significantly and so it is advisable that you get a sample for a better idea of the finished product. Check out this handy article for some tips CHOOSING PAINT COLOUR GUIDE

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