2023 Bathroom Trends

bathroom design trends

2023 Bathroom Trends

Bathroom trends are constantly changing and keeping up with them can be difficult. One minute bold colours are all the rage and the following it’s all about minimalism. This is why here at Harvey George, we like to do all the hard work for you researching and complying it all into one handy guide. So stay with us as we take a look at some of the bathroom trends that are being predicted for 2023 and how you can best incorporate them into your bathroom scheme. 

Pastel Colours

The rise of pastel colours began in 2021 and is set to continue rising into 2023. These calming colours create a playful yet soothing space that will make you smile each time you enter your bathroom. One way to include pastel colours in your bathroom is through a statement tile. You could opt for a coastal blue or rose pink to create a refreshing look that won’t be overwhelming. You could use them across the whole of the bathroom walls, as a border or just in and around the shower.

If you want to go with a more subtle nod to this trend then consider smaller ways you can add splashes of colour throughout the space. For example, adding a pastel-coloured towel into a neutral bathroom or a statement wall created from wallpaper. Other ways include statement pieces such as a coloured bathtub, basin or bathroom vanity unit. 

If you want to incorporate this trend but are worried about going overboard with the pastels then opt for contrasting accessories for instance a pastel-coloured bathroom vanity unit with black taps and handles will offer a sophisticated look and feel. The mixing of pastel colours with bold will create balance in your bathroom making it a more stylish space.   

Modern Gothic 

Next on the list of bathroom trends is modern gothic. Now you might be asking what that means and put simply it is all about dark and moody colours with elements of contemporary and edgy design. Think rich colours and dramatic features.

This trend has been slowly gathering momentum and is set to take the interior design world by storm in 2023. At first sight, this trend seems intimidating but by utilising dark colours such as emerald green and deep purple alongside gold brassware it can easily be achieved. 

Consider black marble tiles with gold veining and contrast them with a modern bathroom vanity unit. And if marble tiles are a little outside your budget think patterned wallpaper, floral or damask are popular choices. Wood is also a staple feature whether that’s wooden beams or flooring as it gives a solid but warm feeling.


Marble has been a popular bathroom choice for a few years now and is set to stay and with so many options we are not surprised. Whether you want neutral and colourful or dark and dramatic when it comes to marble the colour options are endless. 

While a top to bottom marble bathroom may be out of your price range there are lots of simple ways to incorporate this luxury trend. With technology constantly advancing marble effect tiles have been a cost-effective way to include that marble look in your bathroom design. Other options include a marble border, a marble statement shower area or one of our favourites a marble vanity unit. 


Farmcore or cottagecore is a minimalist aesthetic centred around simple living. This interior design trend often features feminine florals, vintage decor and elements of nature such as wood and plant life. 

To achieve this popular look in your bathroom you could opt for natural materials such as wood, stone and ceramic all of which give a cosy vibe and will soften your space. Traditional furniture is also a common choice for instance a brass bath or wooden chairs or stools. When it comes to bathroom storage a traditional oak vanity unit is perfect for this aesthetic. In addition to the natural materials, soft colours like duck egg blue and earthy greens will add to this charming and unique trend and blend perfectly with the wood furniture. 


Now you can’t talk bathroom trends without talking lighting. Good lighting is important in a bathroom because there’s nothing worse than leaving for work only to find out you’ve got toothpaste all over your face. Natural lighting is good in a bathroom but we understand that isn’t always possible so in addition to your ceiling lighting you may want to consider lamps or mirror lighting. 

Vanity Units

We all know that the most important part of any bathroom is a vanity unit (we may be slightly biased) and this blog wouldn’t be complete unless we discussed the vanity trends for 2023. Vanity units are crucial for bathroom storage but they also play a massive part in the design of a bathroom. If you are opting for a more traditional bathroom then a wooden vanity unit might be more suited to your space or you can opt for a modern vanity unit giving your bathroom a more contemporary feel. Here at Harvey George, we specialise in bespoke vanity units meaning you can design a bathroom vanity that will perfectly match your bathroom’s interior decor. Do you want open shelves? Drawers? No matter what it is you desire we can make it a reality. 

Contact our team to book an appointment to visit our Harrogate Bathroom Showroom today. If you are looking for some bathroom inspiration visit our Pinterest and Instagram pages and drop us a follow. 

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